Order Certificates Using External Organization

If an account user wants to place an order by using a pre-vetted organization, then in the organization details a provision is available as shown below.

On click of "Click here" a pre-verified list of organizations will be displayed where the account user can select the organization from the available list.

  • If the account wants to utilize other account user's organizations, then they can click on the "Search External Organization" link.

  • On click of that link an email ID will be displayed to enter the representative email ID as shown below.

  • Account users can select the organizations that are available from the list & proceed for the certificate request.

  • If the account user wants to switch default organization view, then click on the "Switch to default view" link.

What's following?

  • Upon order placed, a consent email will be sent to the external organization email ID to accept the organization re-use request. Upon accept Organization verification status will be "Completed"

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