R1167 (11-Jan-2024)

In this release, we've enhanced our Single Sub-domain SSL ordering experience, Certificate Renewal reminder functionality-related improvements, and Simplified Billing Information including Invoice updates. Additionally, we've enhanced the Expiring Certificates report for better reporting.

What's New

  • Set Certificate Renewal Reminder Frequency: Enterprise Administrators can now set certificate renewal reminder frequency (Before 90 days of expiry, etc.) for better customer experience. This option is readily available as part of Account Configuration settings within the emSign CertHub platform.

  • Turn Off Notifications: Added ability to Turn Off the certificate renewal reminders even for selected orders. Additionally, this release brings renewal reminder usage improvements which will help you to automatically stop receiving the renewal reminders as soon as you renew your certificates. This flexibility is enabled for SSL/TLS & other certificates.


  • Enhanced Single Sub-domain Ordering experience: We've enhanced our Single Sub-domain SSL/TLS ordering experience in this release. This helps to effectively re-use the validation of pre-verified base domains for its sub-domains. This will help you to get instant certificates for your sub-domains without repetition of DCV for each sub-domain.

  • Simplified Billing Information: PAN field is now 'optional' in Billing Information, applicable for Indian customers. This field is mandated only for billing transactions above Rs. 2 Lakh.

  • Improved Expiring Certificates Report: Added more information in the Expiring Certificates Excel report for better reporting.

  • Invoice Updates: Automated Invoice process improvements without PAN for handling Government enterprise use cases.

  • Customized Email Templates: Customized email templates to meet Reseller-specific requirements.

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