R1196 (09-Feb-2024)

This release introduces EV Pre-vetting support feature to simplify SSL certificate management, In-Platform EV Certificate requests approval feature for EV Certificate Approvers, Re-use of pre-verified EV organizations in OV SSL orders & Enhanced Support for New Customers. Additionally, it includes advancements in Private PKI feature with an ability to attach KYC Documents for IGTF Host certificates, improved SSL EV ordering experience, and few other enhancements.

What's New

  • In-Platform EV Approval feature: EV Certificate Approvers can now approve multiple SSL/TLS EV certificate requests on behalf of their organization within the emSign CertHub platform. This helps to simplify approval processes with our new in-platform approval feature, complementing email notifications. To access this feature, Certificate Approver should be an account user within their enterprise account.

  • EV Pre-vetting Support: Introducing Organization Pre-vetting support for SSL/TLS EV certificate requests by leveraging most of the previously verified information. This helps enterprises to re-use EV organization in the ordering form and quickly get the EV certificates with minimum verification requirements and customer pending actions such as DCV, Online Subscriber Agreement Acceptance by an authorized Contract Signer and few more.

  • Re-use of pre-verified EV organizations in OV SSL orders: Added an ability to re-use EV organizations in OV certificates as a pre-vetted organization. This helps enterprises to get instant OV certificates on demand.

  • Enhanced Support for New Customers: Once you onboard yourself through emSign CertHub Sign up form, your account manager will receive instant notifications about your account. This helps enabling your account manager to promptly assist you with platform usage & pricing queries.


  • KYC Documents feature in IGTF Host offering: Added an ability to optionally attach KYC documents within the IGTF Host certificate ordering flow for the ease of certificate issuance. This helps Enterprise Administrators to review the submitted KYC documents and approve the certificate requests. This option is also available to use in other Private PKI certificate offerings.

  • Simplified Organization Management: Added 'Validation For' column as an identifier to easily track 'OV' pre-verified organizations and 'EV & OV' pre-verified organizations.

  • Improved SSL EV ordering experience: emSign CertHub customers can now provide the information of Contract Signer and Certificate Approver within the EV ordering form. This helps enterprises with an ability to specify one individual as Contract Signer and another as Certificate Approver to meet your specific requirements.

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