R1139 (14-Dec-2023)

This release introduces a Subscription-based SSL feature to simplify SSL certificate management including multi-year invoice support, Certificate Discovery feature via CT Logs (Certificate Transparency) for pre-verified domains to identify all public-facing SSL certificates. Additionally, it includes advancements in Private PKI feature with new IGTF Host certificate offerings under emSign Private Trust, an improved SSL multi-domain ordering experience, and various other enhancements.

What's New

  • Discovery via CT Logs: We are introducing a new certificate discovery feature, Monitor CT Log for pre-verified domains to discover all the public-facing SSL certificates of each domain and manage everything via a centralized certificate results interface. Added ability to automatically discover any new certificates.

  • Subscription SSL: You can now avail Subscription-based SSL/TLS through our ordering form wizard for a Multi-year SSL subscription. This comes with multi-year SSL Invoice & auto-reissue support.

  • Auto-reissue SSL: Automatically reissue the SSL certificates with the ability to choose the auto-reissue interval (before 30 days, etc.) and keep receiving the re-issuance reminder notifications to expedite customer pending actions and instant download of new SSL certificate.

  • New Private PKI Offerings: This release brings certain Private PKI advancements with a new IGTF Host Certificate offering under emSign Private Trust.

  • Order Status Tracking URL for Private PKI Certificates: Added ability to track the order status of emSign Private PKI certificates (IntranetSSL & many more).

  • Enterprise Admin Checklist & Approval: We've made a few tweaks and a bit of fine-tuning to make the Private PKI certificate ordering even easier to use. This includes enterprise administrator checklist & approval configuration.

  • Track SSL Subscription: Efficiently manage & track your SSL subscription validity in the order details interface.


  • Enhanced SSL Multi-domain ordering experience: Refreshed 'SSL Multi-domain Ordering form wizard' with an option to select No. of domains and see the SSL pricing up-front for better user experience.

  • Expiring Certificates Report: Users can now see the "Export to Excel" option to generate a report with detailed certificate expiry statistics.

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