R1251 (04-Apr-2024)

This release brings advanced DNS configuration capabilities in Groups (Business Units) feature to meet enterprise-specific requirements. Additionally, we've enhanced enterprise account settings to exclude pre-verified organization representative from receiving the order related email notifications & minor API enhancements.

What's New

  • Permit & Restrict specific DNS capabilities: Introducing Permit & Restrict DNS (and few more) capabilities under Groups feature within the platform. This helps the enterprise admin to specify the domains in multiple groups (business units) based on the needs and to limit the users of the respective group to use the allowed domains while ordering the certificates. This option is applicable for both public trust (SSL/TLS) and Private trust (IGTF/others) certificate ordering via portal and REST APIs.

  • Group-wise Report: Enterprise Admin users can now get a detailed group-wise permitted and restricted domains excel report for the complete visibility of their business units within their enterprise.


  • Enhanced enterprise account settings: Added an ability to exclude the pre-verified organization representative from receiving all the order email notifications. This option simplifies the SSL OV ordering process by eliminating repetitive email notifications to the organization representatives (CFO or similar).

  • Minor enhancements in REST APIs.

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