R1075 (11-Oct-2023)

This release introduces in-built TLS Discovery feature via emSign Bot to scan & discover all SSL/TLS certificates, Reissue Certificate feature to facilitate self-reissuance at free of cost, Add/Remove SAN quick action for addition/removal of SANs (domains) to streamline the certificate lifecycle, incorporated minor enhancements (such as Identifier information) in all order email notifications for improved tracking and user experience, and includes various other flow updates.

What's New

  • TLS Discovery Via Bots: We are introducing in-built TLS Discovery feature via emSign bot that helps to scan the network based on the defined targets to discover & monitor all the SSL - TLS certificates irrespective of the issuer CA. It gives holistic view of certificates used across the enterprise in a single interface.

  • Reissue Certificate: We are introducing a new reissue certificate feature for all the certificates, Add / Remove SANs for all SSL UCC products for ease of self-reissuance. Users can any easily add/remove domains(SANs) at any point of time for easy certificate lifecycle management & get a new SSL certificate.

  • Reissuance Order Tracking: Add the ability to track & monitor the re-issuance orders at the original order level to check the history.

  • OV Certificates via ACME: ACME protocol now supports SSL OV certificate issuance towards the automation of SSL/TLS processes. We've added the ability to generate EAB Credentials for OV certificates to use it in your ACME clients of choice and get OV certificates instantly.

  • Certificate Pricing updates: This release brings certain pricing updates for SSL & SMIME products, Additional domains pricing. Similar update has been made at Sub-accounts pricing features.


  • Orders: Revamped the 'Orders' page by including the 'Certificate Status' column in the report for better user experience. This helps to track the revoked certificates, ready-to-download certificates, etc.

  • Email Notification Updates: We've made a few tweaks and a bit of fine-tuning to the Inclusion of identifier in order email notifications, certificate status in orders report for better tracking & certificate status visibility.

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