R1001 (29-Jul-2023)

In this release, we are excited to announce the launch of our new emSign Hub platform, an upgraded version of emPower portal. emSign Hub is an unified platform for all your digital certificate needs. It is an advanced system to get your SSL/TLS & also provides access to the complete range of offerings within the emSign portfolio. The platform is easy to use, self-service enabled online system accessible at hub.emsign.com. This versatile platform caters to resellers, enterprises and online customers, enabling them to embrace digital transformation products offered by emSign in a self-managed fashion, with free access to a comprehensive set of product features.

What's New

  • Account Sign up & Sign In: Added 'Enterprise Sign up' & 'Reseller Sign up' forms to create an online emSign Hub account. Ability to Sign-in with your email ID following an email OTP or Password.

  • Multi-account association: Flexibility of multi-account association with single user credentials to avoid maintaining multiple account credentials.

  • M365 SSO Login: Integrate with your enterprise single sign-on, powered by M365.

  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Added an ability to enforce Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) as an additional layer of security. Account Administrator can configure this under account settings.

  • Dashboard: Added an enlightening dashboard for you to track and access your account data & insights such as Account Users, Track Orders, Account Manager Details, etc. Information visibility in the dashboard may differ as per your user role (Administrator / Finance Manager / Basic User etc.) within the respective account. Quick links availability in dashboard for ease of navigation.

  • Request Certificates: Certificate Ordering Wizard with a fresh look and feel interface for quick certificate request submission & ordering.

  • Intranet SSL: Intranet SSL certificate offering for all customers. This allows you to secure your internal server names, localhost, reserved IP addresses.

  • Efficient Order Management: Easy & Efficient Order Management Actions includes Track Order Status, Download Invoice, Download Certificate Recall Order, Revoke Certificate, Cancel Order & Many More in a single interface.

  • Monitor Expiring Certificates: Added 'Expiring Certificates' to track & monitor your expiring certificates and access to early-renewal to eliminate the risk of website outages caused by expired certificates.

  • Pre-vetting of Organizations & Domains: You can add & oversee Organizations & Domains in your account. These Pre-verified Organizations & Domains helps users to get instant certificates on demand without repetition of verification.

  • Integration / automation capabilities: REST APIs for integration with your existing applications & ACME protocol support.

  • Finances: Easily top up your account by adding funds online using any credit card. It also supports offline payments.

  • Invoices: The ability to track and download all invoices in one-single interface. This allows you to view the invoices with your search preferences.

  • Ledger Statement: A detailed top-up & transaction history view of credits and debits within your account. This helps to keep a track of your account funds.

  • User Roles: Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) within your account for enterprise security.

  • Add User: You can add users and assign them designated privileges according to the needs of your enterprise.

  • Invite Users: You can invite users to simplify user on boarding. Users will receive an user invitation link to self-enrol and activate their user account.

  • Add Groups: Added 'Groups' feature to simplify the enterprise management, which can be the internal departments, or the projects, or business units, etc. This helps in grouping the users, allocating funds, and managing certificates with exclusive and protected access. If this feature is not available in your account, please contact your Account Manager.

  • Sub Accounts for Resellers: Added ability to on board & manage Sub-Enterprises/Sub-Resellers with Reseller-choice billing model. If this feature is not available in your account, please contact your Account Manager.

  • Reports: Added Reports for various business & financial usage tracking purposes. Ability to export the data has been added.

  • Audit Logs: Added 'Audit Logs' to monitor and track all the user activities across the account.

  • Account Settings: Added 'Account Settings' to set portal language preferences, email notification language, low balance alerts, notification email addresses & many more.

  • IP Restrictions for account users: Added 'IP Restrictions' to enforce the IP restriction rules for account users to limit access of your business data & transactions.

  • Private CA: We've added state of the art Private PKI service. It's an Administrator-specific feature that enables to Build Your Own CA concept with complete flexibility.

  • Private PKI Products: The ability to add their own Private PKI product with customized certificate template based on their operational requirements and get end entity certificates in a seamless manner.

  • eMudhra Certificate Utility Tool: This tool can help you to easily generate CSR (Certificate Signing Request) for SSL/TLS & S/MIME certificates.

  • eMudhra emSign Click Tool: This tool can help you to download the certificate in a qualified-hardware. It also supports Soft token based download. Supported in Windows 7, Ubuntu & Mac operating systems.

  • Various Email Notifications: Ability to receive email notifications about orders & account related activities

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