R1230 (14-Mar-2024)

In this release, we've renamed the branding/logo to emSign CertHub, introduced new SMIME offerings for individuals, professionals and organizations, pre-vetting support for SMIME & Voucher Codes. Additionally, it includes new single-step ordering experience and other enhancements.

What's New

  • emSign Hub is now emSign CertHub: Refreshing the branding/logo of our platform to CertHub for clear communication/brand positioning as a certificate management platform.

  • New emSign SMIME IV-S, SV-S & OV-S Offerings: Introducing emSign SMIME Individual Validated certificates for individuals, Sponsor Validated certificates for professionals & Organization Validated certificates for organizations/entities to secure their email communications. Strict S/MIME profiles comes with EKU limited to Email Protection, and stricter use of Certificate Subject attributes & other extensions. Resellers and Enterprises can now avail these offerings with 1/2 year certificate validity.

  • Pre-vetting Support for SMIME: Now get emSign SMIME certificates instantly without repetition of Organization Validation (OV) & Email Domain Control Validation. This allows enterprises to quickly provision SMIME certificates to their users/employees to enhance email security.

  • Introducing Voucher Codes in emSign CertHub: Now you can redeem vouchers for a free credit to begin. For more information, please contact your Account Manager.


  • Enhanced Support for Certificate Ordering: Now in a single step, Customers can seamlessly order any number of certificates. Our dedicated support team takes care of filling your certificate ordering form and you receive an email confirmation for your review and payment. Pay Online & complete your ordering process.

  • Simplified SMIME Mailbox Validated Ordering Experience: Added an ability to provide the Subscriber Agreement consent within the ordering form. This helps to speed up the certificate issuance, avoiding repetitive email notifications. Applicable for IV, SV & OV SMIME offerings as well.

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