R1101 (06-Nov-2023)

This release introduces the Reuse of domains for DV orders, reminders for certificate renewal notifications to facilitate renewal decision-making, Streamlined Order Approval process by Account Administrator for the requests submitted by Standard User & Basic User Roles, and the inclusion of GSTIN in Invoices.

What's New

  • Reuse of Domains for DV Orders: New Domains entered & validated via emSign DV Orders Account level to avoid repetitive DCV. These domains can also be reused during certificate reissuances.

  • PII Data Encryption: Encrypted the Personally Identifiable Information towards data privacy.

  • Certificate Renewal Notification: Added ability to enable/disable the certificate renewal notifications at the account configuration level for the decision making. This option helps users to stop receiving renewal email reminders about expiring certificates.

  • Billing information in emSign Hub: Now supports GSTIN / VAT field for the purpose of invoicing.


  • Order Approvals by Administrator: We've made a few tweaks and a bit of fine-tuning to streamline the order approval process by account administrator if the request is submitted by account users with following roles: Standard User & Basic User roles. This change is common for both Resellers and Enterprises.

  • Invoice Changes: Revamped 'Invoice changes' for better user experience which included GSTIN no, PO reference No. & ability to view SSL domain name within the invoice.

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