R1115 (20-Nov-2023)

This release introduces an automatic credit refund within 30 days for certificate revocation, Includes support details in order-related emails to facilitate communication based on account configuration, and incorporates minor improvements for reusing the organization consent token in the ordering form.

What's New

  • 30-day Revocation Refund: Amount will be credited to Account / Group if the certificate is revoked within 30 days from the ordered date. If this feature is not available in your account, please contact your Account Manager.

  • Custom Email Templates: Added ability to add the support contact details (Name, Email & Phone) configured at account configuration which will be applicable for all the order related email notifications.


  • Reuse of Organization using an authorized token: We've made a few tweaks and a bit of fine-tuning to make the pre-vetting organization to re-use even easier to avoid repetitive reuse consent email notifications for every order. Now ordering certificates with re-use token is available.

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