Procedure for installing Certificate in HSM

  • This tool is used to download the certificate in a soft Token (or) USB Token.

  • The eMudhra emSign Click Tool can be downloaded in this Page.

  • This tool can be downloaded in Windows 7, Ubuntu, MAC operating systems.

  • Click the Download button provided or copy the link and paste it in the address bar to use the tool and generate the certificate as shown below.

  • The tool gets downloaded in the system. Upon clicking the tool will be displayed in a modal.

Step: 1 (Open emSign Click Tool)

Step: 2 (Please enter "Order ID" and its associated "Download PIN". Click on "Confirm") Note: Once the certificate is ready for download, Download PIN will be shared to the respective certificate requester's Email ID.

Step: 3 (Certificate Requester will be redirected to "Download" tab as shown below) For an example, Select "Utimaco HSMs" from the dropdown list of Cryptographic Service Provider

Step: 4 (On click of "Agree & Download", system will prompt to provide "Library Path", "Slot ID" and "Normal User Pin" associated with the selected HSM provider for certificate download.)

Step: 5 (Login to your HSM service provider. In your HSM provider application, Slot management / Configuration setup should be made as shown below.)

Step: 6 (Initiate HSM services as shown below.)

Step: 7(Once the HSM services are successfully initialized, detailed information (Status, etc.) can be viewed as shown below.)

Step: 8 (Certificate will be downloaded successfully as shown below.)

Step: 9 (Certificate installed successfully in HSM )

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