Key Features

Certificate Issuance with ease

o Anytime issuance, renewal, revocation & download: emSign CertHub Platform provides complete certificate lifecycle management which includes issuance, renewal, revocation, download & many more.

o Simplified Certificate Ordering Wizard: Request certificates at your leisure and receive them in a minute.

o One time Domain Verification & re-use: You can add new domains to your account at any time. Pre-vetting domains issue the certificate on demand without any hassle.

o One time Organization Verification & re-use: You can add new organizations to your account at any time. Pre-vetting organizations issue the certificate on demand without any hassle.

Organization pre-validation helps in getting organization validated certs without undergoing the hassle of complete organization checks every time there is a need for new certificate. This ability makes OV certificate issuance much easier with instant issuance. To onboard your organization under emSign prove your Organization Details, Organization Representative information & Organization Registration Documents.

o Unified request tracking URL to expedite issuance: Track any other pending actions and expedite to get instant certificates on demand.

Unified platform

o Single / Multi-factor Auth. & M365 SSO: emSign CertHub platform supports both Single / Multi-factor Authentication & M365 SSO Sign in. This feature allows you to quickly integrate and enables your users to M365 SSO Sign in option with flexibility & ease.

o In-built TLS Discovery: Unveil every certificate within the network effortlessly, from various issuers, with a comprehensive dashboard, seamless tracking and analysis. Quickly discover all the certificates in a network and analyze them, including those issued by CAs other than emSign. Streamline all your SSL/TLS certificates by downloading emSign Bot which scan all your servers, network and devices with all your internal and public-facing SSL/TLS certificates regardless of the issuing Certificate Authority (CA).

Setup emSign bots for multiple networks and configure its schedule and other settings. Server wise tracking for common / multiple deployments of same certificate.

o Single platform for Public & Private Trust: Tailored Trust Solutions for Every Requirement, with speed and flexibility, using a robust suite of certificate profiles through the platform and APIs. Certificates issued by a private CA are trusted only within your organization, not on the internet. Private PKI provides a secure framework for managing digital certificates within an organization, and various private PKI products offer tailored solutions for enhanced security and control.

Fast & Flexible Root CA / Intermediate CA Creation will fully customizable configuration. Comprehensive Suite of Pre-Configured Certificate Profiles. Create your own end-entity certificate template with a few clicks. Flexible Methods of Enrollment and Validation of Private PKI certificate requests. Avail these services through platform and APIs.

o Track & monitor all the expiring certificates: Customer can track and monitor their expiring certificates.

o Exhaustive reports for various needs: emSign CertHub gives Interactive reports to view the status of certificate orders, organizations, domains, and credits allocation.


o Integrate existing systems with REST APIs: RESTful services designed for scale, flexibility & ease of integration. emSign CertHub Interface-less APIs enables access to key functionalities offered on emSign CertHub product that can be consumed by your application. Our API's are built on REST and therefore interoperable with any existing web application framework that supports REST based API calls.

o Automate Certificates with ACME protocol: emSign's ACME service is meticulously crafted to simplify the automation of SSL/TLS processes, mitigating the complexity and effort associated with managing numerous certificates within an enterprise. With organizations juggling a multitude of certificates, each demanding significant time and effort, ACME proves invaluable by completely automating the essential procedures needed to oversee SSL/TLS certificates across all endpoints in your organization.

Enterprise management

o Online payments and Billing: Platform supports automated billing functionality allowing enterprises to view, track and download every transaction within emSign CertHub account. This functionality assists enterprises in efficient transaction management without any loss of data.

Enterprises have the option to recharge their account using both Online & Offline payment options. Adding an online payment is quick, easy and instant. Platform supports multiple currency types to top-up credits with your choice.

o Enterprise user management with roles and permissions: Enterprise Administrators can create / invite users for emSign CertHub account and assign role accordingly. Platform supports Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) feature to enhance enterprise security.

o Enterprise Groups for departments / projects / business units: Groups can be your cost centres, departments, etc. within your Business. It acts as a feature / tool for managing account user access to pre-validated organizations, domains and finances.

o Invite / add new users with ease: emSign CertHub platform supports Quick User On boarding feature allowing enterprise administrators to add enterprise-wide users with a flexibility to associate business units & assign roles. This will enable the users to prevent the access to any restricted information. Enterprise Administrators can also use 'Invite User' feature to send an user invitation to enterprise users for self on boarding and user account activation.

Private Trust

o Build Your Own CA: Seamlessly configure your Root CA / Intermediate CA with fully customizable configuration. Create your private CA with simple ease steps by choosing CA type, configuring CA details, key information & other additional information. This feature enables to build your own CA concept with complete flexibility.

o Pre-defined set of Certificate Profiles: Customize your certificate profile to build your own certificate PKI product with customized certificate template based on their operational requirements and get end entity certificates in a seamless manner. Enabled by default for all enterprises through platform.

o Fully Customizable product profiles: Customize your certificate profile to build your own certificate PKI product with customized certificate template based on their operational requirements and get end entity certificates in a seamless manner. Enabled by default for all enterprises through platform.

Other Features

o Alerts & Notifications: Automatic low credit balance alerts and various other notifications.

o Language preferences: Set platform language and email notification language as per your needs.

o Custom order fields: emSign CertHub allows you to use custom fields in your certificate order form. The Custom Field can be used to simplify record-keeping and makes order management efficient. To enable Custom Fields feature for your emSign account, please contact your Account Manager.

o Intuitive Dashboards: Intuitive Dashboards with view for summary and key actions. A state-of-the-art certificate management solution that provides centralized visibility and control over certificates across the enterprise in a unified fashion.

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