Organization Validation (OV) Process

Unlike Domain Validated (DV) certificates, OV certificates require the certificate request to undergo organization verification process to confirm the identity and legitimacy of their organization.

  • Validation Process: Validation of the organization's identity, including legal registration and domain ownership.

  • Issuance Time: Longer issuance time compared to DV, but shorter than EV. Typically, issuance in Hours. For exceptional cases, issuance would take 1-5 Business days.

Process Involved:

  1. Domain Control Validation (DCV): Domain Control Validation can be done online and it's an customer friendly automated process.

  2. Organization Validation (OV): Vetting process includes Organization Identity & Address verification, Doing Business As / Tradename verification (if 'O' value provided is a Tradename) & Authenticity of certificate request verification through Organization Authentication Code submission. emSign delivers the code using reliable method of communication (email / telephone). Requester will receive a link to submit the code to prove the authenticity of the certificate request.

  3. Certificate Signing Request (CSR): As part of SSL OV process, CSR has to be submitted to emSign.

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