Add Credits Online / Offline

Setup Account Credits via Add Credits

  • To add credits to the account, go to menus -> Finances -> Add Credits.

  • By using this option finance people can add credits to the account by two modes of payment

  1. Online Payment

  2. Offline Payment

Online Payment

  • On selecting online Payment, current account balance is displayed at the top.

  • To recheck the payment status, enter Payment ID which is available under "Recheck Payment Status" and click the "Recheck" button.

  • To check the Recent transactions, there is a grid available to check all the payment ID, amount & its respective status.

  • Enter the amount that needs to be credited and click the "Pay" button.

  • User will be redirected to the payment gateway, enter the card details and click the "Pay" button.

  • Upon payment successful, a successful message will be displayed as below.

Offline Payment

  • On selecting offline Payment, current account balance is displayed at the top.

  • Enter the offline credits payment details and click "Make Payment" button.

  • Once "Submit Offline Payment" button is hit, below message will be displayed. Upon finance user approval from eMudhra the amount will be credited into the account.

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