User Management

  • By default, last 10 users be viewed as shown below.

  • The list of users can be filtered & searched by Name, then click on the "Search" button.

Create User to your account

  • To create a new user, click "New User (+)" option, screen will be redirected to the add user creation screen.

  • Enter the Name, Email, Mobile Number, Designation & Employee ID.

  • Provide the group access to this user by using this option.

  1. If checked admin can restrict the created user to specific groups.

  2. If not checked by default the created user is access to all groups.

  • Admin can assign the assign role by using this option. Depending on the assigned role the permissions will vary.

  • On Click of "Save" button a user account activation email link will be sent to the created user email ID to activate the account.

  • Upon the account user is created administrator will have a provision to edit the user information & set a group access.

What's following?

  • The new user will account activation link with the account name. This email includes a link that navigate them to activation link page, upon activation user can access to the account based on the assigned role.

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