Save as Draft Request

  • Upon click on "Save" button in order summary & payment page at new request level, the request will be landed in the orders page with the status mentioned as "On Hold".

  • If the status selected is "On Hold", then the requests can be processed /rejected from orders view page as shown below.

  • On click of "Reject" button, The cause of rejection will be entered in the rejection field and click on "Reject" button.

  • On click of "Proceed to Pay" button It will navigate to New Request > Order Summary & Payment Page where the account user will click on "Pay now" button to submit the request and generate the Order ID.

  • Upon Order payment Successful, it will navigate to the orders page with all the necessary information and its associated Order actions will be displayed as shown below.

  • All its respective Order-related quick actions also will be displayed.

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