Domains Management

  • User can manage or create new Domains under this page as shown below.

  • To create a new Domain, user need to click on "Add" button to add a new pre-vetted Domains to the account & map it to the respective Organization.

Domain Information

  • Enter Domain Name, Organization and DCV Method.

  • Based on the selected DCV method either choose DCV email (or) Save & Proceed buttons would be displayed. Below are listed for better clarity.

Choose DCV Email

  • Constructed Email, Email to DNS CAA Contact & Email to DNS TXT Contact

Save & Proceed DNS TXT Record & HTTP/HTTPS File-based.

  • Upon clicking on "Choose DCV Email" a modal will be displayed to select the DCV email.

  • Upon selecting the DCV email & click on "Send Email" button a thank you message will be displayed.

  • DCV status will be displayed as "Pending" as shown below.

  • An email with the verification code will be sent to the DCV email to complete the domain verification process. Once the domain is validated then DCV status will be displayed as "Validated".

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