Create Private Product

  • To create a new custom private product, go to My Account > Products. By default, both public & private tabs will be displayed.

  • Private: List of default private PKI products & products which are created by the account user will be displayed in this tab.

  • Public: All the list of default emSign products will be displayed which are mapped to the account will be displayed in this tab. No provision to add the new public product.

To create a new private PKI product, click the "Create product (+)" button on the right below screen will be displayed.

  • Enter product name, validity, select Subordinate CA, certificate profile, certificate template then click on the "Continue" button.

  • In Subordinate CA list of all end entity private CA will be displayed

  • In Certificate profile by default custom type will be displayed.

  • In Certificate template Client TLS, Mutual TLS, Server TLS & Email protection templates will be displayed. Depending on the selected template pre-defined set up profile will be displayed as shown below.

  • Provide subject attributes, Subject alternative name attributes & mark necessary CA extensions.

Advanced Settings

  • Automatically Approve the Certificates: If enabled, no administrator intervention is required for order approval. It is fully automated & once the order placed an order ID will be generated by the system. if disabled, it requires administrator approval.

  • Specify Validation Checklist: The validation checklist configured here will be displayed under New Request > Order summary & payment for administrator approval. Additionally, account user can specify the conditions & presence to configure the checklist.

  • Once all the necessary details are filled, click on the "Create" button to proceed further.

mportant Note:

  • In Subject Attributes & Subject Alternative Name (SAN) attributes, when the field restriction type is "Dynamic" then field value can be given at the New Request level.

  • In Subject Attributes & Subject Alternative Name (SAN) attributes, when the field restriction type is "Fixed" then the field value should be given in private PKI product creation level & provided value will be displayed for all the products by default.

What's following?

  • Upon successful creation, this new custom product will be available in new request level under products where account users can utilize this product for placing of orders.

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