Document Signer Professional Process

Unlike Document Signer Personal certificates, Professional certificates require the certificate request to undergo organization verification process to confirm the identity and legitimacy of their organization.

  • Validation Process: Validation of the organization's identity, including legal registration and organization address verification, Association of an applicant with organization, Identity and Address validation of an individual through online KYC and email verification to prove control over the email.

  • Issuance Time: Longer issuance time compared to Personal Certificates. Typically, issuance in Hours. For exceptional cases, issuance would take 1-5 Business days.

Process Involved:

  1. Organization Validation (OV): Vetting process includes the following:

    1. Organization Identity & Address verification,

    2. Doing Business As / Tradename verification (if 'O' value provided is a Tradename) &

    3. Authenticity of certificate request & association of an applicant with organization through Organization Authentication Code submission. emSign delivers the code using reliable method of communication (publicly available email / telephone). Requester will receive a link to submit the code to prove the authenticity of the certificate request.

    4. As part of the issuance process, following Organization KYC documents can be submitted along with the order to emSign. This would help emSign validation team to speed up the issuance.

      1. Incorporation letter

      2. Registration document or similar

      3. An attestation letter that is signed by a practicing/qualified accountant, lawyer, government official, or any other reliable third party

      4. Organization Address Documents

        1. Utility bill,

        2. Bank statement,

        3. Credit card statement,

        4. Tax document

  2. Subscriber Agreement: Subscriber Agreement link to accept the Agreement. emSign sends an Agreement acceptance link over email.

  3. Video KYC (Physical Verification): Fully online video verification with the clear instructions to prove the physical existence.

  4. KYC Documents (Individual Verification): As part of the issuance process, following KYC documents has to be submitted to emSign.

    1. Proof of Identity: At least one of the following currently valid government‐issued photo ID proof,

      1. Passport,

      2. National ID,

      3. Driver’s license,

      4. Government employment ID, or any other equivalent document type.

    2. Proof of Address: If address is not part of identity proof, at least one of the following additional document proof,

      1. Recent utility bills,

      2. Telephone bills,

      3. Financial account statements,

      4. Credit card, or any other equivalent document type

  5. Email Verification: Email-link based verification to prove the control over the email address. emSign sends an email verification link to certificate holder's email.

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