Account Types

Following are the account types available in the emSign CertHub: Reseller, Enterprise and Retail.

Reseller Accounts

  • Resellers are SSL providers, Web hosting companies, Cloud service providers etc.

  • Resellers have complete access to the portal, which allows them to perform various operations. They can add and manage groups, edit groups, allocate funds to groups, add and manage users, add and manage organizations, and manage domain settings. Resellers can also approve pending orders of their sub accounts, access finance-related features, view audit logs, and create and manage sub-accounts. Additionally, they can create price lists for sub-accounts, invite and approve user invitations, access account settings, create and manage certificates, access orders, manage expiring certificates and generate API keys for REST and ACME integration.

  • Resellers can also manage their profile and billing information, manage public and private CAs, and create customized products. They have access to reports, tools, and other functionalities for efficient management, and receive notifications regarding associated groups and pending self-orders.

Enterprise Accounts

  • Enterprises have many similar capabilities to resellers with some limitations. The capabilities of the Enterprise account type include full portal access, group management, user management, organization management, domain management, and access to finance-related features, managing groups, editing groups, and allocating funds to groups.

  • However, they do not have access to certain functionalities such as they cannot add, manage sub-accounts, including price lists for sub-accounts. They have access to REST and ACME APIs for their own keys.

  • They can view their profile, update billing information, and manage account information. Private CAs and products can be created and managed. They can generate reports, utilize various tools, and enjoy other basic features. Additionally, they have restricted access to the dashboard and receive notifications related to associated groups and self-orders.

Online Accounts

  • Online retail website customers will get an online account and can use all the features similar to Enterprises.

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