Add / Remove SANs for Multi-Domain SSL

  • To initiate Add/remove SANs, go to Certificates > Orders > View order page > Add/Remove SANs.

  • The downloaded certificates can be Add or Remove the SANs by clicking on "Add / Remove SANs" button which is available in order quick action as shown below.

  • On click of "Add/Remove SANs" a modal will be displayed as shown below with all the necessary information.

  • To add (or) remove the SANs, the account user needs to provide the reason from the pre-defined available values.

Add / Remove SANs

  • Account can add (or) remove the SANs by using this option.

  • For any removal of SANs respective amount will not be refunded.

For any additional SANs, the calculate price field should be displayed. Upon clicking on that button "Payment Information" section should be displayed.

Upon clicking on the "Add / Remove SANs" button, a re-issuance order ID will be generated by the system. All the re-issued certificates can be monitored within a single interface as shown below.

Important Note: This option is applicable only for UCC & Multi-domain products

What's following?

Certificate requester / Organization representative will be notified with

  1. Order successful email.

  2. All the order related communications.

  3. Necessary order actions with respective to its product

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