Additional Email Recipients

  • Under product select any product (e.g.: emSign SSL/TLS DV) from Product dropdown list.

  • Fill in all the necessary ordering details information sections.

Additional Information

  • This information section is optional. In this section, the account user can add the reporting tags, Order remarks and provide the technical point of contact details if required.

  • A new option termed 'Additional email recipients' for the purpose of notifications is available as shown below.

  • If you wish to include additional email recipient email IDs, enable the 'Additional email recipients' check box and enter the email id(s).

NOTE: Additional email recipients will be notified with Order Confirmation, Revocation and Renewal Reminder Notifications excluding certain verification-related notifications.

  1. Order Successful / Tracking link Email Notifications

  2. CSR related Email Notifications

  3. Certificate Download Email Notifications

  4. Customer Actions Pending Reminder Email Notification

  5. Certificate Renewal Reminder Email Notifications

  6. Order Discrepancy Email Notifications

  7. Certificate Revocation Email Notifications

  8. Reissue Email Notifications

  9. Retry CAA Email Notification

  • Click on 'Next' to proceed further.

Update Additional email recipients

  • Additional email recipients can be edited after new order generation.

  • For consecutive email notifications, updated email recipients will be notified accordingly.

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