Approve Sub Account Certificate Request

  • To approve sub-account certificate requests, navigate to the Certificates > Orders. Open the order in which the status is mentioned as "Order pending for parent approval".

  • Click the "View" button in the orders view page to verify all the information related to the certificate orders and click on "Approve" button.

  • On click of the "Approve" button It will navigate to New Request > Order Summary & Payment Page to proceed further for payment. - On click of "Pay now" button amount will be deducted from the main user account balance from the default group, it will navigate to the orders page with all the necessary information and its associated Order actions will be displayed.

What's following?

  • Upon successful order placed certificate requester / Organization representative will be notified with the order successful email. This email includes a link that navigates them to the track order page where user can track all the certificate verification processes.

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