Orders Report

Orders Report is to view all the order related information throughout the account. To access Orders report, Go to Menu > Reports > Orders Report.

On click of "Orders Report", the Orders Report page will be displayed listing all Order information. This report pulls the order data of your account (including your sub account orders).

  • To filter the data account users can filter by using the "Order ID" option.

  • On click of "Excel" option available on top right corner of the page, users can export the orders data in the excel. Using advance search with custom fields provides more flexibility to export the desired results.

  • Custom fields report:

    • If your account is enabled with custom fields, relevant custom fields & field values data associated to the respective orders will get automatically exported to the excel.

    • With this automation, enterprises can easily use this data for various reporting purposes such as Inventory management, data analysis & monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) related to orders and sales.

    • Interestingly, custom order fields data captured in reports serves as a comprehensive audit trail, providing evidence of transactions and compliance with internal policies and operational procedures.

To summarize, these reports serve as valuable tools for decision-making, operational efficiency and strategic planning across various departments and functions within an enterprise.

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