Reseller Sign up

  • Upon clicking on "Sign Up" link from home screen, screen will be redirected to "Sign up as a Reseller" page.

  • The account User needs to enter few details such as Your Name, Your Email ID, Mobile Number, Organization Name, Organization Type & Country (Select from the dropdown) in the respective field of the "Sign up as a Reseller" page.

  • Important Note: Mobile number field field will display only for Indian customers based on IP & it is mandatory in case of reseller sign-up.

  • Accept terms & conditions followed by "Sign up" action to proceed further.

  • Reseller must undergo account approval process from emSign.

  • An account confirmation email notification will be sent to the account user with the necessary information as shown below.

  • Once the account is approved successfully, an account activation email will be sent to the registered email ID to activate the respective account.

  • On click of the account activation email link, it will redirect to the "Activate your account" page.

  • Account user needs to set the password based on the instructions provided in the system.

  • On click of "Generate Password" button, password will be updated for the account user.

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