Sub Account Price lists

  • To add a new price list, go to Menu > Sub Accounts > Price lists.

  • Price list for sub accounts can be created and managed here as shown below.

On click of "Create Price Lists" button, new price list can be created.

  • Enter Price List Name.

  • Select Prise List For reseller (or) Enterprise (or) both.

  • Enter Description.

Product Pricing

Set Price for products individually

  • If this option is selected, prices for products individually can be entered and created. Standard price is Parent account Price. If no amount is entered for any product, then standard price will be considered.

  • Price can be entered high / low than the standard price. If the price entered is lower than the standard price, then the differential amount will be deducted from main / parent account.

Set Price for products by percentage on your standard price

  • If this option is selected, select the arrow (up arrow to increase the percentage on standard price and down arrow to decrease the percentage from standard price) then enter the percentage and click "Set" button. The sub partner price column will be filled with the percentage.

  • Click on 'Save' button to proceed further.

Edit Price List

  • On click of any price list name, system will navigate to the view page as displayed below. User can edit or deactivate price list from here.

  • If administrator wish to deactivate the price list, can click on "Deactivate" option. Upon deactivating price list is no more used.

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