TLS Discovery is used to discover & monitor all your SSL/TLS certificates irrespective of the issuer CA. It comes with unique emSign bot, which can reside in isolated networks and protected environments to scan and accumulate the certificate details. The scan operations happen as per the settings and the results are automatically displayed in portal interface.

Enterprise users can see the certificates discovered and also the list of servers where they are deployed. The scans of the emSign bots can be tracked from the Hub interface giving the last scan and next information. User can also activate manual scan from the same interface for ad-hoc scan needs. emSign platform makes it simple for an enterprise to manage any number of certificates, may it be a few or may it be in thousands of numbers.

  • Discovery Dashboard: This page displays the overall glimpse of information related to certificates issued via emSign & certificates issued via emSign Bot.

  • Certificate Results: This page displays the total scanned certificates from various emSign bots.

  • My emSign Bots: This page displays the overall emSign bots list associated with this account.

  • Download emSign Bot: To access & download the emSign bots available in the platform.

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