Monitor Certificate Results

Certificate Results is to view all the certificates that are discovered via emSign bot. To open Certificate Results (Go to Menu > TLS Discovery > Certificate Results). On click of "Certificate Results", the certificate results page will be displayed by listing all the Common name / SAN names.

TLS Certificates Discovered via Bot

In this feature, all the certificates that are discovered via emSign Bot will be displayed in this screen.

  • The list can be filtered with Common Name / SAN.

  • On click of Advance Search, User can filer the requests with date range, Location (Server/port), Issuer CA, Certificate Type and certificate expires in.

  • On Click of the "CN / SAN" value, system will navigate to the certificate results view page. The below of information will be available part of certificate results view page.

  1. Certificate Info & Validity

  2. Authority information access (AIA) info

  3. Issuer CA info

  4. Additional information

  • Account users can use the certificate quick action as shown below.

Auto-discovery of your TLS certificates via CT logs monitoring

  • Unveil every CT log discovered certificate within the pre-verified domains effortlessly, from various issuers, with a centralized certificate results screen. Monitoring certificate transparency logs involves tracking all certificates publicly issued for an organization's domains, ensuring their authenticity, legitimacy, and safeguarding against compromise by adversaries.

  • In this section, all the certificates that are discovered via monitor CT logs will be displayed in this screen.

  • Efficiently filter your CT logs discovered certificate results with our advance search feature which streamline your access to relevant and up-to-date information.

  • Streamline all your SSL/TLS certificates discovered via CT logs monitoring at one centralized place. Download your TLS certificate for the efficient usage & renewal tracking.

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