Organizations Management

  • To add a new organization, go to menus > Organizations > Organization.

  • By using the "Validation For" column, account user will get to know the organization validated for.

  • User can manage or create new Organizations under this page as shown below.

- To create a new Organization, account user needs to click on "Add" button to add a new pre-vetted organization to the account.

Organization Information

  • Enter Organization Name, Street address 1, Street address 2, Country, State / Province, Locality/City, Postal Code, Registration No. & Registration Date.

Organization Representative Information

  • Enter Name, Email, Mobile Number, Designation & Employee ID from selecting choose user as "New" option.

  • If any existing users available, then select "Existing" option from choose user field.

  • All the organization verification related communications will be sent to the representative email address.

Organization Registration Documents

  • This additional KYC documents would help the validation officer to process organization verification quicky.

  • Enter Description, Upload document & if user wanted to upload multiple documents can click on "Add" button.

  • Click on "Submit for Validation" button once all the information & KYC documents are being uploaded with the validation status as "Pending".

  • Upon clicking this button, an org. ID will be generated & the request would be pending for eMudhra validation approval.

Skip & Save

  • Upon clicking on this button the Organization will be drafted & can do submit for validation later.

  • Once the Organization is validated by eMudhra, system displays the below screen with the Validation status "Validated" as shown below.

  • Organization Consent Token field is included as part of the Organization information section to eliminate the organization re-use consent email.

EV Organization Validity

  • This section will display only for EV validated organizations. In this case, the Validation For column value will be displayed as "EV & OV".

  • List of all the pre-verified organization sections, expires in, expiry date & with respective to it's status will be displayed.

Organization Representative Information

  • Organization associated representative information will be displayed in this table. representative can be catered with a "Role" column (i.e., Requester, Signer & Approver).

  • On click on "Email ID" link, an detailed representative information will be displayed with signer & approver verified date.

Deactivate Organization

  • If user wish to deactivate the Organization by clicking on "Deactivate Organization" button.

Important Note:

  • Deactivating the organization will hide this organization from the list of active organizations and affect / delay any on-going certificate issuance related to this organization.

  • This action cannot be reversed. You cannot activate back this organization, once it's deactivated.

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